FinPro Conference 2017 comes to an end!

October 23, 2017

Mantra Lorne shone as delegates and sponsors arrived last Wednesday.  It was difficult not to go straight to the beach – but thankfully our delegates chose to take part in the Regional Collaboration Groups, then hear insights from Eyal Halamish from OurSay and Andrew Green from LinkedIn before enjoying the sunshine.

The conference was a great success with over 215 delegates, 20 speakers and 21 sponsor organisations all contributing to the theme of ‘Leading Transformation:  Innovate Inegrate Motivate.

Thank-you to all concerned for your participation in this wonderful event.

Copies of the following presentations are now available for your perusal:

Communication value of Local Government today – Eyal Halamish, OurSay – please email [email protected] for a copy of this presentation

Winds of Change sweeping Local Government – Alan Hansell, IBRS   FinPro 2017 – Alan Hansell, IBRS – Presentation ‘Winds of Change sweeping Local Government’               FinPro 2017 – Alan Hansell, IBRS – sample framework

The Changing role of the CFO – Adrian Clerici, Pitcher Partners  FinPro 2017 – Adrian Clerici, Pitcher Partners – CFO of the Future

Understanding Motivation and Working with your strengths – Sabina Read – FinPro – Sabina Read – Understanding motivation

Innovation by Numbers – Heath Brown – Commonwealth Bank of Australia  FinPro 2017 – Heath Brown CBA – Innovatio by numbers

Digital Transformation –  Surf Coast Shire – John Brockway  FinPro Conference 2017 – Digital Strategy – Surf Coast Shire

“Show me the data’ – Data as a foundation to financial sustainability – Angelo Saridis, Latrobe City Council   FinPro 2017 – Presentation Angelo Saridis, Latrobe City Council

The moment of change is the moment of opportunity – Andrew Murray, Curve Securities  FinPro 2017 – Andrew Murray, Curve Securities

VAGO update – Andrew Greaves   FinPro Conference 2017 – Andrew Greaves – VAGO presentation


As other presentations become available they will be shared on this page.