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FinPro would like to provide information and resources that makes life ‘easier’ for Finance Staff. As such, the following information is provided as a resource to FinPro members.

Accounting Standards Guidance and Worked Examples – AASB 9, AASB 15, AASB 16 and AASB 1058

The Accounting Standards Working Group, (Comprising FinPro members and staff from LGV and Crowe Horwath), worked together during 2018 and early 2019 to develop a guidance document specific to the Local Government Sector.  It was developed by the working group and will be published and issued by Local Government Victoria and will be launched at the FinPro Seminar on Friday 22 February 2019.

The guidance material is to assist the Local Government sector to transition to the new accounting standards in a consistent and practical manner. The Guidance document is to supplement the detail of the Standards themselves; it enables the sector to know what the position is on a number of paragraphs within the standards so that the application can be applied consistently throughout the sector.

The worked examples are in an appendix to the guidance document and provide practical guidance to the overall application of the guidance materials. The Guidance document refers to the examples, so that the sector can have real, relatable examples and assist in interpreting the sectors overall position on particular paragraphs within the standards. The examples have been made simple, in order to easily follow the application, with the aim being that the sector be able to apply such examples in their organisation’s decision making.

Link to Guidance on transition to new accounting standards 2018/19


Model Budget 2019/20 and Model Financial Reports 2018/19

At the FinPro Seminar on Friday 22 February 2019 Graeme Emonson, Executive Director LGV launched both the Model Budget 2019/20 and the Model Financial Reports 2018/19.  He thanked both working groups for their active involvement in each of these group and for their commitment to try to continually improve both documents as resources for the sector.   Both documents are available on the LGV website:

Link to Model Budget 2019/20 and Model Financial Statements 2018/19


Council Policies

If you have a policy, resource or document which you are willing to share with your peers please contact our Executive Officer, Gabrielle Gordon. Contact details listed on the Contact Us Page of this website.

Examples of Policies:

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