Model Budget 2014-2015

April 18, 2014

Following the finalisation of the Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations which came into operation from 18 April 2014, I am pleased to attach the final Model Budget 2014-2015. The attachments include the full Model Budget with commentary (pdf) and the Word and Excel template versions. This final version of the Model Budget reflects the authorised Regulations.

The main changes between the initial 2014-2015 Model Budget and the Final version as included above are:

  • A few minor changes to the wording of the service performance indicators
  • Additional grants disclosure in Section 4
  • Removal of casual (detailed) dollars and EFT detail in Employee costs in Section 4
  • Removal of non-statutory reserves from the disclosures of restricted cash (Sections 7 & 9) to align with the definition in the Regulations
  • Changes to the format of the Capital Works listing in Appendix C (format only, content still the same), and
  • Updated commentary throughout to reflect the final Regulations.

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