FinPro Webinar – Let’s talk all things Deliberative Engagement

August 13, 2021

FinPro ran a session on Wednesday 11 August 2021 to ‘talk all things Deliberative Engagement’.

With the recent changes to the Local Government Act 2020, we felt it was important to  have a chat about what deliberative engagement with the community is and what it means for council’s 10 year financial plans.

During the webinar we heard from experts in the field from Capire Consulting Group as well as two FinPro Executive Members who are working through the deliberative engagement space themselves.

The FinPro Executive Members who spoke were Simone Wickes, Frankston City Council and Nathan Morsillo, Greater Bendigo City Council.  During Nathan’s presentation he referred to summaries his council were distributing with the community.  Copies of both are available here:

The recording of the session is available below:


Thanks to the following speakers who contributed their time and expertise to make this session happen:

Clare Murrell, Associate / Sector Leader, Local Government – Capire Consulting Group

Niamh Moynihan, Associate Infrastructure Leader, Capire Consulting Group

Simone Wickes, Manager Financial and Corporate Planning, Frankston City Council and FinPro Executive Member, and

Nathan Morsillo, Manager Financial Strategy, Greater Bendigo City Council and FinPro Executive Member