2020/21 Council Budget Parameters and Budget Adoption Timelines

July 9, 2020Fin Prof Conducting Surveys

FinPro  conducted a survey of councils to understand some of the budget parameters and budget adoption timelines for the 2020/21 financial year.

This survey was conducted in response to a number of queries received from our members.  Hopefully it provides you with a useful point of reference.

As councils have adopted their budgets, the survey information has been updated and we can now provide a final consolidated picture post 31 August 2020, as follows:

Rates 20.21 year – rises, waivers and adoption timings – 31 August 2020

Thank you to all Councils for your input to date.

Following on from this survey, in August 2020 FinPro  prepared a paper supporting the budget information.  FinPro – Letter and report to Sector 2020 – Rates Budget and COVID-19

This paper has been distributed to the  following:

  • Minister for Local Government, The Hon. Shaun Leane
  • Victorian Auditor-General, Mr Andrew Greaves
  • Acting Executive Director LGV – Mr Colin Morrison
  • CEO MAV – Ms Kerry Thompson
  • All Council CEO’s and Mayors (via the general council email addresses)
  • All FinPro Members