Submission to Stage 4 – Local Government Bill Exposure Draft

March 19, 2018

The attached submission has been written on behalf of the members of FinPro.  It aligns with one of our key objectives to provide advocacy for local government practitioners on issues, which affect the industry as a whole, and to act as the focal point of reference by regulatory bodies on financial issues affecting the sector.  Our specific recommendations are in the attached submission (template) and focus on the issues that we believe require better explanation/change or deletion.  We have not commented on every section so please take it as read that we are generally in support of those sections. However, we also stand by our previous submissions related to the new Act and where practicable those suggestions/recommendations should be considered for incorporation in the final Bill.           FINPRO SUBMISSION STAGE 4 – FinPro Submission No. 4 – March 2018

Our previous submissions (Stage 1 & Stage 2):

FINPRO SUBMISSION STAGE 1 17 December 2015 – Review of Local Government Act