Update – Model Budget 2016-17

March 10, 2016

The Model Budget was launched at the FinPro Seminar on 18 February 2016 then subsequently finalised and made available on the FinPro Website on 2 March 2016. (www.finpro.org.au)


When James Scott, Chairperson of the CAANZ Model Budget, launched the Model Budget he referred to the spreadsheet the taskforce had used in relation to Rate Capping Compliance and indicated that this would be made available.


Please find the attached the spreadsheet used to calculate the rate cap and rate details contained in the Model Budget. It can be used to understand how this information was derived by the Local Government Model Budget Taskforce. It should not be relied upon to calculate the rates cap and rates details of other Councils as they are likely to have different circumstances to the Model Budget.


In particular, reference should be made to the Essential Services Commission publication – THE FAIR GO RATES SYSTEM Guidance for Councils (2016-17) December 2015

Copy of Rate Cap Calculation – Model Budget – 17 March dates corrected in B45 and C45