Fire Services Property Levy

July 1, 2013

How will the FSPL be collected by Council?

From the 1 July 2013, all Councils within Victoria will be required to collect the FSPL on behalf of the State Government. It will be collected as another charge shown on annual rate notices.
A ratepayer should see a reduction in their insurance premium as the FSPL will no longer be collected through insurance policies.

How will the FSPL be determined on each property?

Properties will be categorised into the following and the charge will be calculated as follows:
Half (50%) will be charged $100 flat fee + (Rate in $ X CIV)
Half (50%) will be charged $200 flat fee + (Rate in $ X CIV)
We will not know exact amount until 31st May 2013

Will Pensioners receive a rebate?

Eligible pensioners will be entitled to a $50 rebate against the FSPL for their principal place of residence. This concession will not need to be applied for separately to the current pension concession. If a pensioner currently received a rate concession, they will automatically receive the $50 concession on the FSPL.

When will I need to pay?

The FSPL will be distributed evenly across the 4 instalments similar to how rates and charges are currently collected.

Useful websites

Department of Treasury and Finance
Fire Services Levy Monitor

Guidance on the accounting treatment has not been determined at this stage. Advice will be issued by LGV. Also ref to operating procedures manual published by SRO

Link to Fire Services Property levy Manual Of Operating Procedures for Local Government – March 2013:

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