18 June 2021 – FinPro Professional Development – Keeping members updated

June 2, 2021

Join us on 18 June 2021 to keep updated on important issues that affect our sector


Our program

10.00am          Open session.  Bradley Thomas (President FinPro and CEO Hepburn Shire) will start off and welcome everyone

10.10am           Deborah Glass – Victorian Ombudsman

Deborah will speak about the recent investigation her office completed into financial hardship and the way Councils deal with this matter. Her session will include time for some questions at the end.

10.45 am         Linda Marson – ESC – to provide an overview on the recent report prepared by the ESC – Local Government Outcomes Report 2021 as well as a practical discussion about the their dashboards, how they can be accessed, possible uses etc.

11.15am           Break

11.30am          Practical session on how councils are going to achieve finalisation of their Council / City Plan and Long-Term Financial Plan by October 2021

  • Nathan Morsillo – Manager, Financial Strategy, City of Greater Bendigo
  • Adam Taylor, Manager Finance, Corangamite Shire, and
  • Ross McKean, Treasurer, City of Melbourne

All Councils will be required to produce a Council / City Plan and a Long Term Financial Plan by October 2021.

In a majority of cases, our finance teams will be required to lead this activity and engage with our key stakeholders across the organisation, this includes our functional directorates, Executive teams, Councillors and ultimately our Communities.

The critical factor to success will be to ensure a common understanding and alignment in our stated objectives, service delivery and infrastructure planning and determining measures of financial sustainability.

We will hear from three finance professionals from varying sized councils on how they are approaching their project plan, providing some detail on how they will engage, what are the critical conversations to have, what data analytics may be required and other practicalities of building a 10yr long term financial plan.

12.15pm          close