FinPro Webinar – Preparing the 2022/23 Year End Accounts

July 20, 2023

This practical panel-based webinar, held on 20 July 2023, provided an opportunity for members to ask their burning questions about preparing their year-end accounts, and to hear from key practitioners and also wise advice from the guru who wrote (writes) the book on the Annual Accounts (the model).

Questions were many and varied, and also covered off on the topics relating to this year’s audit focus, that may have raised some queries:

  • Impact of the 2022 floods on council operations and infrastructure assets
  • Early payment Financial Assistance Grants and other grants
  • Developer contributions
  • Valuation of land, buildings and infrastructure assets
  • IT controls
  • Landfill provisions

Thank-you to our panelists:  Fiona Rae (FM at Golden Plains Shire), John Brockway (FM at Warrnambool City Council),  and Martin Thompson (Audit Partner, Crowe) along with your host, Danny Wain (CFO Monash City Council)

Watch the full recording here: