FinPro Mentoring Program 2021

August 6, 2021

The FinPro Mentoring Program is an initiative that has been developed over the past 4 years to provide ongoing support to members who participate in the ‘FinPro Leadership Program’.

In the Program, a mentor is paired with a mentee (participant in the Leadership Program). Over a period of 12 months, the paired mentor and mentee meet in person or virtually each month, providing them with the opportunity to develop the concepts learnt during the Leadership Program workshop (5 – 8 September 2021).  The Program also provides an opportunity for additional ongoing guidance, support and feedback to help develop local governments’ future leaders.


Program Objectives

With a focus on developing emerging leaders in Local Government Finance, the Mentoring Program’s objectives are:

  • To identify mentors who can support the leadership development of emerging leaders and contribute to the development of leadership talent across the FinPro Membership
  • To provide added value to the FinPro Financial Management and Leadership Development Program 2021 participants through continued learning, support and feedback by someone external to their employment
  • To provide an opportunity for senior members of FinPro to support the growth and development of others within the sector.
  • To enhance the leadership and mentoring skills of current experienced LG Finance Leaders.

How does the program work?

Mentees and mentors are paired at the start of the program (8 September) and meet regularly, wither face-to-face (where COVID-19 restrictions allow), via video link, or over the phone over the following 12 months.

The mentees for this year’s program will be those who are successful in their application, and subsequently attend the 2021 Financial Management and Leadership Development Program at Country Place Kalorama from 5 – 8 September 2021.

The mentors for the program will be selected from within the FinPro membership.  Suitable mentors will be those FinPro Members who have significant local government experience and who are willing to offer their time to support the development of local government’s future leaders.

Seeking Mentors

We are seeking EOI’s from within our FinPro membership from anyone interested in taking on a role as a mentor.  No previous experience in mentoring is necessary.  We will provide both training and resources, however you must have at least 8 years’ experience in finance, including at least 3 in a leadership role in the LG sector, along with a desire to support the growth and development of others in the sector.

All FinPro Members who seek to be a mentor for this program will be required to complete an online MENTOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST application.

Applications to participate in this year’s program as a mentor are open now and close on Friday 27 August 2021.

The FinPro Mentoring Assessment Group will review all applications and allocate mentors to mentees according to a set criterion of location, suitability and experience.

Matched pairs will be notified on 8 September when the Mentoring Program officially commences, and a digital function introducing the program will be held shortly after.

The Program officially ends on Friday 2 September 2022.



Mentoring Program 2021 – Mentoring Program Guidelines