FinPro Professional Development Day – Friday 26 February 2021

February 26, 2021

Today we ran a very successful professional development session with nearly 300 members taking part.

The sessions covered the following topics:

The Economy – Presented by Keenan Jackson, Urban Economist & Economic Consultant @ .id

All councils will now be well engaged on operational planning and budgeting activities. The state of our economy, ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-Normal and the health and welling needs of our communities will be key factors of consideration.  In this next presentation Keenan will provide an economic update and analysis of key indicators that are relevant to our sector.  Keenan will also present on population data across our regions with insights on how municipalities have been impacted over the course of this last year and some early indicators on pathways towards recovery.

Copy of Keenan’s slides

Local Government Act Implementation Update

The new Local Government Act 2020 is the most ambitious reform to the local government sector in over 30 years. The Act will improve local government democracy, accountability and service delivery for all Victorians.

Since the Act was proclaimed on 6 April 2020 the LGV has been working with councils in a sector-led approached of co-design and consultation to develop products and materials that are customizable and scalable for individual councils.

Today, Tony Rocca, who has led the work from FinPro’s perspective over the past 8 months, introduced the session, speaking about the various working groups who have been working on various parts of the Act Implementation.  He then introduced the Working Groups Leads who formally present key highlights in relation to the final documents relevant to their particular group.

  • Malcolm Lewis – Long Term Financial Plan
  • Hannah White – Model Budget
  • John Brockway – Revenue and Rating Strategy

Sharon Redmond from Local Government Vitoria then spoke about the Local Government Act Implementation generally and then followed this up with the launch the Model Accounts 2020/21.

26.2.21 – Local Government Act 2020 Implementation Update – PD Day Presentation (FinPro)

Copies of each of the documents launched today are available now on the LGV website – at this link:

Follow-up Webinars

LGV, in conjunction with FinPro and Martin Thompson from Crowe Australasia will be running a set of follow-up technical webinars around each of the documents presented today.  The schedule is as follows:

Friday 5 March 12.30-2pm – Model Accounts and Model Budget

Friday 12 March 12.30-2pm – Financial Plan

Friday 19 March 12.30-2pm – Revenue and Rating Plan


For further information about these webinars please refer to our events page: