Councillor Onboarding (with a finance focus) – Webinar 1.10.20

October 2, 2020

Councillor elections only come around once every four years….and the induction of a new Council is vital in establishing the framework for their term as Councillors.

To assist members in preparing to onboard their new Councillors and also to update returning Councillors, we ran a Webinar on Thursday 2 October where we detailed some key principles, tips and tricks that might be useful to include in the Finance induction of our new, and returning Councillors.

Financial understanding will be even more important for Councillors than ever as the impacts of COVID throughout the community and the council organisation.  It is imperative too that our councillors understand how the everyday finance operations of Councils link to the new integrated framework of the new LG Act.

Bradley Thomas, President FinPro facilitated the session and Marc Giglio, Director Corporate Services at Banyule City Council led the group through this very important conversation.

A Recording of the webinar is available to view now, as are copies of the SLIDES Marc used on the day.

Thank-you to Marc Giglio for his fantastic contribution to this discussion