Message from the FinPro President – Stay safe and stay well and keep up the great work you are doing

March 25, 2020

Good afternoon members,

Never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) could I, or any of us believe how quickly things are changing as the world responds to the development of COVID-19.  There is so much ever-changing information and everywhere we turn we read or hear a new update, new statistics about the spread or how new actions being implemented to kerb and limit the spread.

The FinPro Executive met on Friday (via online measures) to check in on each other and also to discuss how different councils are approaching the current situation and to brainstorm how we (FinPro) can assist our members in the tough times we have ahead of us.

We have already shared information about our response and actions to COVID-19 and will continue putting together information and helpful hints for our members which we will distribute on a regular basis!   We know we won’t get everything right as individuals, and we won’t get everything right from a FinPro perspective in our actions and advice – you never do in an emergency situation – but it’s important that we remain positive and connected.

Victoria is gradually ceasing all non-essential activity across our state to combat the spread of Coronavirus and brought forward to Tuesday the end of the school term for students.  This is certainly a significant step in our collective response.  There are changes being implemented now, and no doubt many more to come.  Keeping abreast of these changes is important and we will try to assist as much as we possibly can.

I acknowledged that everyone will be currently carrying a huge-workload at their own jobs, and many of you will be working directly on your Councils response.  Please everyone, take care of yourself and your families and do what you need to do as individuals to get through the next few months.

If you have any questions you would like FinPro to consider over this time or advice you need, please email Gab [email protected] or post it on our yammer FinPro Forum page.

Cheers, Bradley

Bradley Thomas – FinPro President

Director Community and Corporate Services – Hepburn Shire